Monday, 3 August 2015

Safe arrival in Budapest!

Just to let you all know we've arrived back safely at the hotel in Budapest. We're tired and ready for our beds but had some excellent border crossings - an hour and twenty five minutes after we left Akli we'd done both borders and had been through Romania and into Hungary. Arrived at hotel at 11pm.

One final blog tomorrow but for now good night and God bless.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

One last blog from the medical team:

The medics would like to say a super big thank you to our wonderful and totally dedicated team of pharmacists - especially Maria Matusz and David Darling. They have worked tirelessly every day and into the early hours, serving the team - and most importantly - keeping our patients safe. David and Maria - you truly rock! God bless you both ++++

Friday, 31 July 2015

Another blog post from the Communities team

Back to the gypsy village today... We had a UK vs. Gypsy 'sing off'!!! We lost miserably as these women sang beautifully!
Annie and I were quite literally abducted by one of the ladies as she wanted to show us her garden. It was quite an honour to be taken through the village, lead by one of the elders. She was so excited to show us her pride and joy and gave us a little bunch of flowers each!
Here's just a few pics... Love to all!! Jen x
Some words from the Medical Team

What a week it's been! And busier than ever. Easily over 1000 patient contacts shared between medics, dentists, eye docs and physios so far, aided by sterling efforts from the triage team, the medical students and translators, and the community and home visit team. Drugs running very low - we are out of stock of much needed meds and have already used up most of the reserve stock from the winter visit. The portable lab (which processes all the blood test requests) conked out on Wednesday so this has tested us more than ever. Tomorrow we see patients from the gypsy village - the most challenging consultations of all. The weather has been kind to us - it has helped us to keep our minds and bodies cool - but our hearts remain warm. We are so blessed to be serving as part of this amazing mission team. Jo napot!!!

Andrew Cope

More photos!

School bus, London style;
Youth team (minus a few!);
Mr Cope - resident musician;
Amy and Sarah walking back home after a hard day's work at the school;
Reka - a translator - and a patient

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Behind the scenes

Much of the credit and praise for this time in Ukraine goes to the English contingent and our translators from Hungary and Ukraine. However, behind the scenes there is an wonderful team of people who work tirelessly to assist us.

One such example is Mickey who I'm sure all of those who have been here will remember. Mickey spends his day driving his minibus to and from Gjula to Akli, and Akli Hegy. Whether morning or evening, rain or shine Mickey always turns up with a smile on his face. Without him our Mission would be such a struggle. Thank you Mickey!
Life in Ukraine

Day 4 and some very weary bodies and brains turned up to the morning prayers. Spirits are high and the team are rallying around but inevitably the long days and tough work means we are feeling a little drained. However, an apt passage was chosen for this mornings prayers - Isaiah 40:28-31. I definitely focused on this part this morning: "The Lord gives strength to those who are weary".

The medical team had a successful move to Gjula yesterday afternoon so are now heading for the busiest part of their week. Queues in Gjula will be long so we are praying for patience from all. We give thanks to our translators who are such an incredible blessing to us all. We have more doctors than ever this year (as many of our Hungarian students have now qualified) so we are able to try and see more patients. This is leading to long days for the pharmacy and lab so please pray for Sue, David and Lyn as they tirelessly serve to deliver the results.

The school has been a blessing with consistent numbers of c.160 children. There are several new members of the Mission who are working in the school and they have fitted in wonderfully. The school starts with an assembly and they've enjoyed learning the 'Jump up and down' song! The theme this year is journeys and talking about how the Gospel has spread through the world; so a focus on Acts. The children spend their time in art, music, English, classroom activities, sport and the Den which talks of that day's bible story. There is a lot of fun and enjoyment for all!

The youth team has had c.45/50 youth members each day. We were not expecting anything near that! We've had art, sport and english 'lessons' but with an emphasis on fun and a relaxed environment. We've also played lots of games, many of which involve us running around constantly!

Although there is a lot of joy and fun here, times are tough. The war in the east is having an effect on the economy and there is the constant worry for families of their fathers or sons being called up for service. This is a huge effect on the families and prayer for them means so much to them.

Love and prayers to all in Claygate and Petersfield. Charlotte